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we are technical packaging specialists

we use the worlds best moulded cases, design custom fit-outs and also manufacture custom soft bags to house specialist equipment and test gear


For 26 years our customers have come to trust us as being their #1 source of the very best moulded cases for their requirements.


From custom foam to dividers, trays, lid organisers and more, we work hard with you to come up with some amazing solutions.


Bags & pouches designed for your business. We specialise in small runs for customers. From concept to finished product!

“a business that you can trust with your valuable equipment”

Technology has changed the way we interact with product design and offers you countless customisation possibilities

Since 1991 Queensland Case has been here helping government and industry protecting their valuable and delicate equipment. Having the same owners for over 25 years you know you are dealing with specialists. We can be relied upon to look after you and your projects. We are serious about looking after our customers – to do otherwise would be crazy and would loose customers going back to day #1 in 1991.

Waterjet cutting – the mainstay of case customisation!

intricate layouts are possible, designed using CAD and transfered to the highest grade foams.

We are known for our custom fit-outs of cases and soft bags. Anyone can sell a case with standard foam – but what if you need something special to make sure your gear that’s going inside is going to be looked after with the ultimate care? Waterjet Cutting is best for complex layouts, super fine tolerances can be obtained with smooth finish points – something that routing just can’t achieve.

Cases are just one of our things – specialist soft bags are another

bags, pouches & satchels for medical, electrical, display, transportation and other industries

You are a small business who has developed a piece of electrical test gear that is selling well. You have a need for a custom pouch, holster or bag to house it to make your amazing invention more attractive or convenient to the user. You can’t afford to buy from China as they want huge minimum quantities. We’re here for you!

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