About Us

Since 1992 we have specialised in business-to-business & business-to-government specialist case and soft bag supply, design and project management.

We are the country’s only case and soft bag supplier where you can get a complete project done in a one-stop visit. These days we are the only specialist case supplier left in Brisbane under original ownership.

What is a Technical Packaging Specialist?

Put simply we do much more than just sell you a case filled with standard diced foam – we can customise the whole case to include dividers, lid organisers, through skin fittings and so much more.

What if you only want just a standard case? Fine, no worries – we sell those as well.

Then, for those times when you have a special project to fully protect your expensive gear then we are totally geared up to work with you to achieve your required outcomes.

From initial one on-one-discussions we start to plan the design, involving you every step of the way. We design the whole case or soft bag on our CAD system. This design is then communicated with you to make sure we are on the right track. Once we all agree on the final design and pricing it all starts happening. Our final proposal will give you price, due date and other details including warranties.

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