Pelican™ Spacecase™ Customisation

The Pelican™ Spacecase™ range of cases are developed and manufactured right here in Australia

Queensland Case is proud to be accredited as part of the Advanced Case Solutions technical packaging team in Australia.


They are perfectly suited to customising to suit whatever application you want to throw at them. The whole range is moulded from UV stabilised food-grade polyethylene plastic.

  • Modular, stackable and interlocking design
  • High strength rugged case – will not rust or dent – they are built to last
  • Dust, oil, chemical and water resistant
  • Apart from the standard colours other colour options are available
  • Large range of sizes so we can find one for your application
  • Cut and weld possible to make that perfect custom case for you
  • Made military tough
  • 3 year warranty


  • A Interlocking Male/Female Ribs for secure non-slip stacking on matched size cases
  • B Comfortable Rubber Grip Handles
  • C Recessed hardware protected from impact, snag-free exterior
  • D Zinc Plate E-coated Hardware – Stainless Steel hardware is also available








  • E Keeper Pin prevents opening under vibration
  • F Over Centre padlockable Lock to keep the inside cargo secure
  • G Weather Resistant Sealing System. EPDM hollow sponge seal in lid prevents moisture ingress. Moulded tongue-in-groove parting line maintains original configuration after impact
  • H Reinforced Corners and Edges. 15-20% thicker corners and edges for added impact protection